Fourth Grade Planning

We school year round for several reasons. Someday I'll post about that...

For now, I need to hustle and get the new school year planned. It has helped to blog through it in the past so here goes..........

Ru's Tentative Fourth Grade Schedule

Social Studies
  • I am planning to continue using Ambleside Online Year Four History. It covers the French and American Revolutions. She will continue to narrate (learn more by Carroll Smith) after every reading and find new locations on a world map or globe.
  • In her free time, the American Girl's series will no doubt be read over and over and over again. We will continue to watch Liberty's Kids (they fold laundry in order to watch it!!)
  • This will be our third year utilizing RightStart Math. It  is a mathematics program that incorporates visualization, the AL Abacus, and math card games.
  • She will use  Wrap-up Keys to help reinforce math facts.
  • Xtra Math will be scheduled alternating with the Math Wrap Ups.
  • My Math will be used as a supplement to the Right Start Program.

If you have tried Science In the Beginning, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Fine Arts
Language Arts
Memory Work
  • Please go here to see how we approach memory work. This term the focus will be memorizing Ephesians 2, and later Psalm 19. Ru will utilize State Seterra to learn the names and locations of the states and capitals. She will choose one poem from each poet to memorize each term. Lastly, she will memorize several Latin chants and prayers in context with her Latin lessons.
  • She will finish up Typing Web sometime over the summer, I think.



  1. You seem to do school how I want to do school, but I never seem to be able to squeeze it all in. What does your schedule look like? How long is your school day? Are you 4, 5, or 6 days per week?

    Thank you so much for sharing all this!

    1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I just noticed realized that I didn't comment directly to your post. Instead, I accidently, responded in a new comment directly below yours.

  2. You can see examples of the schedule that we use for year two here (scroll to the very bottom of the post)
    Year three can be found here (again scroll to the bottom)
    Year four will be a big jump for my nine year old so I am still tweaking it a bit. As soon as I have it smoothed out I will post it here.
    The only way we get it all done is to school year round. We take breaks as needed and it is never the same from one year to the next. I do my best to keep the lessons short but on occasion our day can end up being quite long depending on attitudes ;) and extra curricular activities. Generally speaking we try to begin school at 8:30 am. My youngest is usually done by lunch time. The oldest is usually done anywhere between noon and 2 pm, this includes violin practice. The large variances are due to the fact that one day a week we leave at 11 am for violin, pottery and ballet lessons. I work outside of the home one day a week so we only school four days per week. In a perfect world, I would utilize Saturday for nature study, art study and to "catch up" on anything but dh really doesn't enjoy that. If I haven't answered something, please let me know and I will try again. It might require its own post ;)



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