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Today I am joining Sarah to share some of my favorite posts in the blogosphere. 

The first one comes from the one person that really held my hand in the early years of homeschooling. Her practical advice is worth its weight in gold. Sometimes I wonder, if it weren't for her, if I would  have had the courage to homeschool. Does it matter that she doesn't even know I exist? Nope. Does it matter that she has stopped blogging? Nope. Her blog is filled with wisdom that I still reference often.

This post was particularly helpful to me when trying to implement Nature Study using Anna Botsford Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study.

Her post What's So Great About Shakespeare? gave me the confidence to give the Bard a whirl. 

Amy, at Crossing the Brandywine, has pretty much already gathered most of my favorite homeschooling posts already in These are a Few of my Favorite things....

The last one comes to us from Edie at Life in Grace. You're going to love her!

Enjoy more at Amongst Lovely Things.

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  1. I haven't seen What's So Great About Shakespeare yet, so I'm off to read it! :) Thanks for linking up!



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