June {Daybook}

Outside My Window......
untouched photo from where I am typing (so glad the dirty window didn't show up in the picture)
Giving Thanks.....
Good health. Not in the typical trite way, in the truly thanksgiving way. I am at that stage in life where friends are battling cancer, I'm having gallbladder issues etc. Yes siree, I have stopped complaining about the physical things that plague young people (read vanity) and am grateful for a body that is still functioning.

I Am Thinking About....
Writing. God has been gently nudging me to write. Not writing  for an audience but self reflection. Writing is hard for me. Self reflection is even harder.  The kind of writing I need to do will require quiet for an extended period of time and I'm considering ways to accomplish this. 

In the Schoolroom....

Everyone seems to be enjoying summer break right now but we are still plugging along,  at the moment we are listening to Robinson Crusoe. We have tabled our science curriculum in favor of Nature Study for the time being.
releasing a tree frog after observation
In the Kitchen....
My poor refrigerator desperately needs a good scrubbing so I am not planning on any cooking today. Instead, I will be forcing serving as many leftovers as possible for dinner tonight. 

I Am Creating....

I am helping Belle create a Science Space in her room. I am not entirely sure what that means but she recently removed all girly decor from her walls and had me hang the solar system she was given for her birthday from the ceiling. She is waiting for me to hang a shelf so she can display "cool science stuff on it." (BTW, don't buy the one in the picture if you care about accuracy or that it does not actually glow in the dark.)
I Don't Ever Want to Forget....
How tender and affectionate my girlies can be to one another.

I Am Working On...

Combining my third and fourth graders more so we can enjoy what Charlotte Mason coined The Grand Conversation!

I Am Reading....

The Living Page

I Am Praying For....

Health conditions mentioned above.

I Am Struggling....

Same as last time, staying up too late at night!

I Am Hearing....

Birds, birds, birds........

Clicking Around....
I am really enjoying Christopher Perrin's audio's.
I keep visiting Miss Mustard Seed for our bathroom remodel inspiration. I am loving the blue and white.

Around the House....
The flower beds need weeded and hubby is diligently working towards a new bathroom!

One of My Favorite Things...

Laying on top of the trampoline with my peeps reading The Secret Garden. They BEG me not to stop!

A Few Plans for Next Week.....

A visit to  Compassion International's Change the Story event, school, Father's Day, a Wedding that the girls are both in, and my favorite.....a Used Homeschool Book Sale!

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  1. Hi there! Just popping over from The Simple Woman's Daybook. Enjoyed your blog post and pics. Beautiful spot you live in! I, too have gallstones (I was told they were minor), but thankfully I seem to be doing well at this time (hopefully the gallstones are getting smaller, not bigger!!). I take tons of magnesium and have read that it's a good idea to eat things that stimulate bile production, such as dandelion and milk thistle. Hope you can conquer the gall bladder issue!

    1. I am the worlds worst blogger. Not only do I continually forget to take photos, but I keep forgetting to hit reply to respond to new comments. I responded with a NEW comment ;)

    2. oh, I've done that before too.. more than once!! ;)

  2. So glad you came by. I enjoyed your blog, especially loving the book reviews. I think I'm going to steal the "A favorite quote for the day" on your Daybook ;) Brilliant! Thanks for the advice about the gallstones. I recently added magnesium and have altered my diet quite a bit. I will look into the dandelion and milk thistle.

    1. Thanks for popping by my blog! Hope your diet change and magnesium helps you! They say 1-2 cups of coffee a day is good, too, so I'm happy about that. Get to keep my morning coffee! :)

  3. I should the SWDB again. I used to do it on my old blog. :)

    As far as your writing.. we had a college professor come and speak at our MOPS group a few years back and he gave me one of the best pieces of advice; he said that if he found a diary of his great-grandmother and she had only written it in once a month (or year or whatever) that he would be so happy! After that, I never let it bother me if I let "too much time go by" in between entries. I know you weren't necessarily talking about that, but I always throw it out there because I think it's such great advice. :) Hope you're able to find the time! I know how that goes! :)

    1. Catie, I have heard that before (maybe from you?) and it is part of the reason I decided to start blogging. It reminded me of Stepping Heavenward. Not that my story is anywhere near hers but as I was reading it, I couldn't help but to wish that someday I would come across my grandmother's diary. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. I think I mentioned it on the AO forum, so maybe.. :) Ha! Sorry bout that!

    1. You shouldn't be sorry at all Catie! It is such an excellent reminder to all. I think you're right, it was on the AO forum.

  5. Loved visiting your blog! Your girls are adorable.

    1. Thank you Linda! You should know that I am not the kind of girl to get star struck, as in I have never asked for a photo or autograph from anyone, but I kind of feel star struck by your sweet comment. Silly I know, but your blog has shaped my hs and parenting more than any one other thing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your concise and inspiring writing. I still refer to it often!



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